Ruth-Ann Wynter

Human Resources Director

Ruth-Ann brings 22 years experience to her role at Deep Focus. She was Regional Director of Employee Relations for the Northeastern United States at Live Nation Entertainment. During that time, Ruth-Ann was also the Director of Human Resources for RocNation, a joint-venture with Hip-Hop megastar Jay-Z.  Prior to her time at Live Nation, Ruth-Ann was the Director of Human Resources for Time Warner Cable of New York & New Jersey RuthAnn was also a consultant for Translation, LLC.

In her spare time, Ruth-Ann expresses her commitment to the service of today’s youth by serving as Vice President and Program Director for New Horizons Ministries Inc., a non-profit organization founded by her father, which has been dedicated to helping young people meet the challenges of daily living for the last 40 years. 

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“The strength of our culture is demonstrated by our ability to build bridges made of meaningful connection rather than barriers made of meaningless differences.  Whether through advertising, music or entertainment - the more we connect to the threads that unite us, the more vibrant the fabric of our culture can become.”