Jonathan Lum

Chief Strategy Officer, US

Jonathan is the Chief Strategy Officer of Deep Focus, U.S., and Chief Strategy Officer of Engine Group, New York. He oversees the integrated strategy department that includes the Intelligence Group, Analytics, Brand, Digital and Social Strategy experts. 

Jonathan is a cross-disciplinary strategist with 20 years experience in market research (quant and qual), and strategy disciplines of brand, culture, creative, media, analytics, and business. He has led marketing and communications campaigns that integrate traditional and non-traditional practices and channels; advertising, design and identity, PR, social, digital, and CRM, to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

“Culture is our creative playground! It’s our starting point for inspiration, and end our point for validation. By understanding the broader context that shape people’s values, how they communicate, when, where and why they use technology and media, and their signals of good and bad behavior, we are able to help brands become cultural touchstones — or, lead cultural change.”